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Vietnam is the first country in Asia and the second in the world to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The National Assembly and the Government have issued many legal documents to affirm the rights of children and the responsibilities of state agencies, families, schools and society in caring for, educating and protecting children. me.


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Attending the Celebration were MP Ron Hoenig, Minister of Local Government, Leader of the House of Representatives in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, Vice Chairman of the New South Wales State Executive Council; MP Michael Daley - Attorney General of New South Wales; Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Vietnam in Australia Nguyen Tat Thanh; Vietnamese Consul General in charge of Western Australia and Northern Territory Nguyen Thanh Ha; along with 250 guests who are representatives of diplomatic agencies in Canberra and consular delegations in Sydney, experts , scholars, intellectuals working in academia, and representatives of business leaders. , industries, student associations and many overseas Vietnamese people living and working in Australia...

In 1755, the Great Meknes earthquake is said to have killed 15,000 people, and in 1960, the magnitude 5.8 Agadir earthquake killed 12,000 people. GambleOnline, It can be said that the US Congress has a particularly important role in developing and deepening the Vietnam-US Comprehensive Partnership. Cooperation between the National Assembly of the two countries is an important element in the overall bilateral relationship between the two countries.

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In August this year, President Putin and Mayor Sobyanin also opened the MCD-3 line.

Free Bet Offer BetEasyrepresentative in Libya said it is closely monitoring the storm and will provide emergency relief as well as support response efforts at the national and local levels. Free Bet Offer BetEasy, The National Assembly Office said that as expected, the 26th Session of the National Assembly Standing Committee will take place in 3 sessions (phase 1, from September 12 - 14; phase 2, September 18, 20 and phase 2). 3, September 29) at Tan Trao meeting room, National Assembly House.

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The landslide point at Nuoc Man canal, Phuoc Dong also appeared at Rach Ong Ban, the commune's inter-hamlet 3 and 4 traffic routes .

Brilliance shines in game of sports betting at BetEasy Hanoi City Police leaders were present at the scene to direct the handling of the case.

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BetEasy Games One of the key recommendations in the short term is for the MRC and MLC to work more closely to ensure effective near real-time sharing of water storage levels and hydropower operations data across the Lancang River basin -Mekong, which can help downstream communities prepare and adapt to changes.

According to Kerala state health officials, this locality has detected 3 cases of Nipah virus infection including 2 adults and 1 child. The patients are being treated in the hospital.

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