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How we became a women's clothing boutique

Starting out at the beginning, we'll go back to 2007 when Claire Cox was chaperoning her daughter Courtney as a model at the Atlanta Apparel Mart. If you've never been to the Apparel Mart (or "market" as us fashion folk call it) you won't understand that this is absolutely the worst place for shopaholics to go. It's twelve stories of shopping, but you can't buy ANY of it for yourself! 

While Courtney was enjoying her time wearing five inch acrylic heels and sample dresses, Claire got to walk around and see all of the designers the Apparel Mart has to offer. She saw a lot of stuff that was available locally, but she saw even more apparel that she had never even heard of. Here comes the idea of cocobella.

cocobella: Claire's very own women's clothing boutique

What woman doesn't dream of owning her very own clothing boutique someday? 

But Claire's dream was bigger than that. Her idea was to make a place that moms and daughters could shop together, just like she hoped to with her daughters, Samantha and Courtney.

So Claire brought the idea home and ran it by her husband, and his hope was that it would keep his girls out of the mall, so he obviously was all for it! They signed the lease just weeks later for the first location in the Eastside of Greenville, SC. 

Now, it takes a lot of work to open a clothing boutique, everything doesn't just appear, although that would be really handy. The toughest part of the process was coming up with a name, and you can read more about that here! Long story short, 60 days later the store was opened, and it was amazing. 

Welcome to the West End

After two years on the Eastside of Greenville, the girls of cocobella made a major decision to relocate their clothing boutique to the Historic West End of Greenville, South Carolina. 

Flash forward to 2012 and daughter Samantha is the general manager and running the boutique impeccably, but wishing she had a little help. Good thing she has a little sister about to graduate from college! When Courtney returned home with her marketing degree, they were ready to step it up and take the business to a place they had always hoped to venture: the internet.

Being veterans themselves as online clothing shoppers, these girls were fully prepared to take on this new frontier. With a little help from some technologically savvy people, they were able to design and launch their new E-commerce site in March 2013. In the bat of an eye, they became the premier online women's clothing boutique of Greenville, SC. 

Boutique on the go: Our online selection

Cocobella's online boutique boasts the entire collection of clothing and accessories you will find at our brick and mortar any day of the week.


Our top-notch list of designers includes Uncle Frank, Ivy Jane, Jessica Simpson, Nic + Zoe, Elana Kattan, Charlotte Tarantola, Camellia, Renuar, Sugarhill Boutique, and Oro by Ileana Oro.